Guiding Kids in the Right Direction

We provide basketball and team-building exercises for kids in our community

Over five years ago, I had a vision to inspire the kids in our community through sports. Basketball is an awesome team sport that provides great opportunities for kids to grow physically, mentally, individually and as a part of a team. Visionaries Basketball is open to kids from all backgrounds, and there's no charge on your part at all. We're truly invested in helping kids grow and learn about life through the game of basketball.

Speak to a team member today to learn how your child can join. You can also call if you're interested in becoming a volunteer coach.

Benefits of our program

Benefits of our program

Our program is free and provides kids with a great opportunity to develop their individual skills. We originally started with about 10 kinds and have grown tremendously. For kids, being involved in a team sport like basketball can:

  • Increase their self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve their mental and emotional well-being

Your kid will thrive at our program and learn lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime. Call Coach Rocky today at 806-407-2811. We're excited for your child to join our team.