Invest in Our Youth

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Visionaries Basketball was created to help kids in our community. We provide a free opportunity for kids of any gender, race or background to participate in a great team sport. We have a yearly budget that's spent on uniforms, transportation, coaches' salaries, our practice space and more. As a nonprofit, your donations will drastically help with these important expenses that benefit all of the kids in the program.

Speak with Coach Rocky today to learn more about how your donation will help.

Help us grow by becoming a sponsor

Help us grow by becoming a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor will help to grow our organization. More importantly, it will help us with our efforts to provide opportunities for kids wanting to participate in sports. When you choose to sponsor our program, you'll be raising awareness about us and helping to keep the cost free for all of our kids.

Call 806-407-2811 now to speak with our team about how you can become a sponsor. Thank you for considering a donation to Visionaries Basketball.